Sunday, August 31, 2008


Nothing better to start with than my currently obsession. I'm talking about Geraldine Saglio, stylist of Vogue France and one of those girls you MUST love.

source: thefashionspot

I really hope you like my blog! It's made just for fun and because I love love love fashion, photography and art in general! if you have any idea just tell me!


♥ fashion chalet said...

I like her too! :) Very cool style. And yes, I am also on Chictopia. Thanks for the comment<3

Frickys said...

She is truly an inspiring sylista! A great example of what black can do for your style. Love to see you developing your blog!

Anonymous said...

o nenaaaa!
apero que sumamente coolll ereees!
estoi ablando con tivooo!
tension tension

Mlle-Prekopova said...

Amazing blog, i love it !