Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm sooo sorry for the delay but actually i'm kinda busy with
school stuff..! sucks! haha

So here you have the pics I took in the last day of Madrid fashion Week!
Oh gosh, the place was amazing! with the kissingroom where I met Sita Murt and I saw Lydia Hearst (yeeep the heiress/acrtress/allthesethings)!
The people there were just faboulous! HOT STUFF

Loved this Sita Murt dress

Sita Murt last shot

The kissing room

The kissing room was hosted by Grey Goose! You could see my good friend Lucia & I gossiping about everyone's outfit! haha funnt thing

I've never posted a pic of myself but here it goes...!
CIBELES BACKSTAGE (Marina Perez over there)
Left: my friend Lucia Right: MEH!

Miguel Marinero

already waiting for the next one!


Miss Chic said...

Que guapa, deberias subir mas fotos ;) . Beso!

Frank & Rémy said...

lovely pictures!

ImiLoa said...

Oh you are gorgeous and I have the same bag love! Your blog is fabulous I think I just might have to start following you!

Matt Rowley said...


Mariona said...

Nenaaaaaaaaaaaa, pq. no sales más a menudo, es gradable ver los rostros de todas las que estais detrás de tanto trabajo y a parte teneis porte y vuestro street style es inspirador, venga anímate guapa y el balenciaga no comments

Miss Cigarrette said...

pero que guapa es mi niña:D

Anonymous said...

you are soo pretty, lol :)
also love the bag!