Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey People! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a looong long time
but since May I've been pretty busy finishing (somehow haha) my first year @ college
I know this is not an excuse but at least I have some nice pics to show you from my NYC trip this July

MET stairs

TIP: don't carry your Balenciaga motorcycle medium size ALL the time. I thought It'd be a good idea so I could
carry everything I could need. But NO NO NO, my arm still hurts haha

Messing around @ MoMa museum

Leighton Meester & Blake Lively (Serena and Blair in Gossip Girl) @ the set

me Clubbing @ Webstern Hall

Coming back from a hole night out! the subway was our second house... haha

Where all the magic happens: PARSONS SCHOOL OF DESIGN!

My friend Lucia waiting for the subway to go to Queens to the PS1 Party (MoMa)

ambiance @ PS1 Party

me & friends @ PSI
(please if you have the chance to go, just do it, MoMa host every saturday a cool electronic party in Queens)

I promise I'll update much more ;)


Anonymous said...

bikini sin toaaallllllllllla:)

Jess said...

that's so cool that you spotted blake and leighton! i wanted to find them filming when i went to ny, but i didn't.

Easy Alphabet Pony said...

That´s so cool you got to see Blake and Leighton!! YOu all look really cool btw-



hanna said...

you girls are so beautiful!!! and btw I'm going to try to fix so people who can't speak or read swedish can read my blog too. Iäm so happy that I have international readers :D

Natalie said...

I love the headband on that girl sitting down. so cute, love the whole look! :) great pics


cody said...

love your photos.!
xx cody

Miss said...

I love the photos, you look stunning in every one of them!

Kathy said...

great photos! I adore the scarf that your friend used as a headband!

a. said...

lucias outfit looks superb.