Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Ok. So it's been almost two years since I last wrote here. Yes you're allowed to kick my ass a little. But never say never, and it's never late to start over.

Said that I came across a quite good idea. A badass idea. 2013 has lit me up I guess.
How can I give this blog a little bit of life?

Fashion again? Nah, there are THOUSANDS of fashion blogs and thousands of "fashion" blogs -ha you know what I mean ;)

Inspiration? yeah, I'll get back to it at some point or when I feel like it (meanwhile you can check fashioncheater.tumblr.com and enjoy the view!).

And then it kicked me: BEAUTY. I love it and i'm a beauty addict since I can remember. My beauty counter is stuffed with THOUSANDS of products and I'm always looking for the next best thing. YEAH!. And as it has been a while since I started my adventure in the beauty world (as a client, duh!), I have used quite a lot of products.

I'll talk about the ones I love and WORK (no one pays me here so I'll be honest haha), and the ones I don't really recommend you to use due my experience. Creams, make up, parfumes, latest hits, how to get rid of cellulite -or at least try-, work out tables, hair treatments... All I can guess and all I'm willing to share with you guys. And If you ever feel like share something you think is AMAZING, just send me an e-mail and I will be honored to post it here.

Hope you like this new step!

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